Create your Actifit / Steem account

In order to use Actifit, you need an account on the Steem blockchain. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one right now!

Don't know what Actifit is? Head over to home page to learn more

While you can create a Steem account from for free, it could take up to two weeks, or more to get approved.
Other services allow the creation of Steem accounts at a cost, yet here at Actifit, for as low as 5$, you get the following awesome treats:
  • Your free Steem / Actifit account, usable across the Steem blockchain and all cool relevant dapps such as Dtube, Steem monsters, Steem hunt, dlike, tasteem, and many more...
  • 10.000 AFIT tokens matching your current investment. The higher you invest, the higher the amount earned.
  • The Steem blockchain requires a min amount of Steem Power (which decides how often you can do transactions on it). To help with that, we will delegate to your new account 10 Steem Power for 3 months to help you post easily once per day!
  • Via posting your daily activity, you can earn STEEM upvotes and AFIT tokens, a free source of earning crypto while getting healthy and fit!
  • Owning AFIT tokens allows you to earn more rewards for your daily activity, as it increases your User Rank. At the minimum 5$ investment, your User Rank will stand at 3%. For instance, investing 100$ will earn you 200.000 AFIT tokens, and will increase your User Rank to 6%, reflecting in an increase in your daily STEEM and AFIT rewards.
You can buy & send STEEM using any of the following exchanges
Or check out any of the other exchanges listed on Coinmarketcap

Make sure to store your password somewhere safe. Losing your password could lead to permanent loss of your funds!!

You will need to send the matching STEEM amount to the below address. When sending the funds, make sure to use both the "address" and the "memo" fields.

Once you send out the funds, please click the button below for confirmation and to process your account creation.
Please keep the page open till we verify your payment and create your account.