Actifit FAQ

What is Actifit App?
Actifit is a health-focused social #move2earn App that rewards your everyday activity! Using the Actifit mobile App on Android or iPhone allows you to earn crypto token rewards via auto-tracking your daily activities. Read more about Actifit here in the Actifit White Paper.
How can I download the Actifit App
Actifit mobile App is available for both Android and iOS users. Go to Playstore or Apple store to download the version that works for you, or use the links below to download the App to your device:
  • Android:
  • iOS:
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    How do I join and create an account on Actifit?
    Actifit runs mainly on the Hive blockchain. If you already have an account there, you can just use the same account for Actifit.
    Alternatively simply visit our Signup page and follow the instructions.
    You must ensure that you copy and store your password somewhere safe before you proceed with your account creation. More info is available in our video tutorials:
  • On Youtube
  • On 3speak
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    Which blockchains Actifit runs on?
    Actifit runs mainly on the Hive blockchain, hence why having a hive account is required. However, Actifit also supports and runs on other chains while providing its users with rewards on those chains, this includes the Blurt blockchain. Actifit has also deployed its tokens AFIT and AFITX on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) as well.
    How do I benefit from using the Actifit App?
    By creating the social and reward dynamic, Actifit is here to provide you the motivation in raising your lifestyle to a healthier level. The App allows you to join a vibrant and active community that is health and fitness oriented as well as reward you with several digital tokens, including AFIT, HIVE, BLURT and SPORTS tokens for your everyday fitness activities.
    Fun fact: Actifit users are known amongst each other as Actifitters. 😀
    What is an Actifit report card?
    Actifit report cards are created by publishing your daily fitness activities on one or all the blockchains we support through the Actifit mobile App.
    How do I post a report on Actifit?
    All you need is your mobile, the Actifit fitness App and an account on Actifit/HIVE.
    To post your recent fitness activities click the button “Send Post” for iOS or “Post & Earn” for Android to display the report creation page, which enables you to easily create and publish your fitness report.
    Note: You must include your login credentials, Username, and Private Posting key (for the first time only) for your reports to get published. Don’t know how to find your posting key? Click here to recover it.
    Can I connect and sync my smart watch/wearable watch with the Actifit App?
    Yes! However it depends on your smartwatch and phone:
  • For Android phones only Fitbit wearables are an option at the moment.
  • For iOS phones more options are available, including Fitbit, Apple Watch, and any smartwatch that can sync with the Apple Health App.
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    Why am I not able to post my Actifit Report from the Mobile App
    There could be several reasons for this. First of all, you want to make sure that you inserted the correct username and Private Posting key in the appropriate part of the login dashboard. Actifit will automatically save your credentials after leaving your first a report.
    Secondly, confirm that you have the most recent Actifit Mobile App installed on your device or simply uninstall and reinstall the App to your smart device.
    Lastly your account might be low on resource credits. On the Hive blockchain you need sufficient Resource Credits (RC) while on the Blurt Blockchain you need sufficient BLURT tokens. We recommend that you have at least 15 HP on your Hive account and 8 BLURT on your Blurt account.
    If in doubt, contact support on discord.
    What is Actifit User Rank and why should I increase my rank?
    Actifit innovated its own ranking system to qualify its users, and increase the rewards of those with a higher rank. User Rank determines 25% of the total reward value. The ranking system is scaled from 0 (lowest) to 100+, and is affected by a multitude of factors, while making it a dynamic system, as follows:
  • Amount of Delegated HIVE Power (HP)
  • Amount of owned AFIT Tokens
  • Total Activity Rewarded
  • Last 10 Days Activity Count
  • Amount of AFITX held on Hive Engine and on the BNB Smart Chain, whether in liquid or locked as liquidity vs BNB or BUSD

  • You can check more details about your rank on
    What is the minimum step count to be eligible for a reward?
    You must track a minimum of five thousand (5,000) steps within 24 hours to be eligible receiving an upvote, AFIT and SPORTS tokens from Actifit.
    Note: At midnight your activity count resets to zero but if you don’t reach the minimum count at that time, you can still post your report but it won’t be rewarded.
    I forgot to post my report last night, can I still send my results?
    Yes, you can always post your activity count from the previous day by using the “yesterday” option in the App.
    I have sent my Actifit report but I’m not rewarded, what should I do?
    Actifit has a daily reward cycle; it may take up to 48 hours before your report is rewarded with an upvote, AFIT and SPORTS tokens. When your report is still not rewarded after this period, please let us know on discord.
    Why didn’t I receive an AFIT reward after I published my report?
    To be eligible for an AFIT reward, you must have a minimum of 5,000 AFIT in your Actifit wallet or any of the exchanges we currently support, including Hive Engine and BNB Smart Chain wallets.
    Where can I buy AFIT tokens so I obtain AFIT rewards on my reports?
    How can I earn AFIT tokens?
    There are several ways to earn AFIT tokens on Actifit. First is publishing your daily activities on the blockchain we currently support, with at least 5000 steps.
    Secondly, you can earn AFIT tokens by investing or delegating part of your Hive Power (HP) to the @actifit account.
    Finally, you can also upvote other Actifit user’ posts (each upvote will result in extra AFIT tokens in your wallet!).
    Learn more how to maximize your AFIT rewards in this tutorial:
  • on Youtube
  • or on 3speak
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    Why would I delegate Hive Power (HP) to Actifit?
    Delegators receive several types of rewards:
  • Daily AFIT token rewards from a pool of AFIT tokens distributed proportionally amongst delegators
  • Weekly 5% beneficiary reward from Actifit posts, in HIVE/HBD, proportional to the total delegators amount
  • Increased User Rank based on delegated amount
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    How to delegate HIVE Power to Actifit?
    To delegate some of your HIVE Power to @actifit and benefit from our daily and weekly rewards, go to your wallet section and click-on the "Delegate" button in the HIVE information line. Next add the amount of HIVE Power you intend to delegate. This operation requires your Private Active Key, which you must copy and paste into the appropriate box and finally click on the “Delegate” button.
    Note: It is highly recommended to leave a minimum of 15 HP in your account to avoid running out of RC every now and then. Furthermore, if you intend to increase your delegation, use the new total amount.
    What is Actifit Yield Farming?
    Actifit Yield Farming is a form of investment in the Actifit project with an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) return for HIVE Power delegation to @actifit. Yield Farming on Actifit earns every delegator a daily proportional share of AFIT tokens from a set pool of AFIT tokens.
    How can I use my AFIT?
    Accumulating AFIT will increase your ranking and that will allow you to earn more rewards on your activity reports.
    Furthermore you can use your AFIT to purchase virtual gadgets and real products from our Actifit Market.
    Additionally, you can exchange your AFIT tokens for extra Vote Reward Boosts.
    My upvote value is very small, how can I still reward comments and posts from other users?
    You can send users a Tip for their report or comment by using the !AFIT command. For more info about tipping AFIT tokens, check out this link
    What is a funds password on Actifit?
    The funds password is another layer of security we developed to protect your funds from getting stolen. For example, to move your AFIT tokens from our website to your Hive-Engine wallet, you must enter your funds password before the transaction can be executed. Your funds password differs from your Hive and Blurt Keys. To create your funds password, click here and follow the instructions.
    Note: You need to transfer one HIVE or HBD to activate and verify your funds password.
    How can I transfer AFIT to other Actifit accounts from my Actifit wallet?
    AFIT tokens can be transferred from the Profile page of the person you would like to tip. After selecting the "Tip AFIT" button, enter the amount of AFIT to be sent with your funds password and press “Proceed” to send the tokens.
    I forgot my funds password, how do I reset it?
    To reset your funds password, click here and follow the instructions.
    Can I exchange my AFIT into other crypto?
    Yes, transferring your earned AFIT to supported exchanges will allow you to exchange them to other tokens.
    How can I transfer AFIT tokens from my Actifit wallet to Hive Engine?
    You can transfer AFIT tokens selecting the "Move AFIT Daily to H-E" button in the HIVE information line of your wallet, where you can set the number of tokens you want to transfer daily to Hive Engine.
    Keep in mind that you need to have at least 10,000 AFIT in your wallet to send tokens. Once you initiate the transfer, it will keep occurring daily for 7 days. You can always cancel out the transfers or renew them using the same process.
    Can I transfer my AFIT tokens from Hive Engine to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC)?
    Yes, you can send AFIT tokens using the bridge function from your wallet on Hive Engine to your BSC wallet by using the bridge function on our website’s wallet section. You can read more about it in this article.
    Where can I trade my AFIT tokens?
    How do I fund my account with AFIT tokens on CEX, DEX-TRADE and Digifinex exchange?
    You can fund your account by transferring AFIT tokens from your BSC wallet (in BEP20 format) to these exchanges.
    What is AFITX?
    AFITX is the Actifit Governance Token that comes with several benefits for Actifitters. By buying and holding AFITX in your wallet, you benefit from the following:
  • Enables you to move extra daily AFIT tokens to Hive Engine
  • Rapidly increases your User Rank
  • Increases your post rewards
  • If you are a Top 25 AFITX holder, receive priority exchanging AFIT for HIVE upvotes
  • Participate in any of our contests

  • On BNB Smart Chain, AFITX will be used as a reward token and governance token.
    How do I earn AFITX tokens?
    You can earn AFITX tokens by providing liquidity on Tribaldex diesel pools.
    What is Actifit Market?
    Actifit Market is an online marketplace that allows you spend your Afit tokens on health and fitness products, and Actifit gamifying items. Access the Actifit Market here.
    What are Actifit gadgets?
    Gadgets are virtual gamification items (NFT-like) that allow you to earn more rewards on your Actifit report. By simply purchasing any virtual gadgets from the Actifit Market, we will convert that purchase into an increased compensation on any of your daily reports published that have not yet received a reward. Each gadget has its own level, bonus (boosts), validity, and requirements. Some gadgets increase your rewards; others reward a selected friend of yours. Learn more about Actifit Gadget on the Actifit Market page.
    What is Actifit Gadget Prize Draw?
    This is a random prize draw event that occurs every four days, whereby one winner is randomly selected from all participants. All you need do is buy one or more gadgets from the market to participate. Every purchased gadget secures you one ticket into the draw, provided you own a minimum of 1,000 AFIT.
    Why does my account have different keys?
    Your Actifit account is at core a Hive (and other supported chains) account. As part of the Hive chain, there are different permission layers for the account, which are distributed across several key types. To transact daily on Actifit, you would normally need your "posting key", which only allows creating posts and upvotes, along some basic functionality. Your "active key” meanwhile allows you to transact with HIVE tokens. Always make sure to keep your keys safely stored, especially your master password.
    What if I lost my account keys?
    It is always critical to keep a backup of your passwords and your keys. This is of utmost importance in the blockchain world. Losing your master password and active key is a big problem, as it would redeem your account financially inaccessible. For more on key permissions and uses, check the question above.
    How do I access or change my keys?
    You can find your keys by logging in to your account and select My Password in the drop-down menu, which would allow you to reveal all your keys, provided you have a copy of your master password. You can also change your keys from that same interface in case you suspect your password/keys have been exposed.
    Are my funds safe if I log in with my posting key on the Actifit App?
    Yes, your funds are 100% safe. The only key required to use the Actifit mobile App is your posting key. By using your posting key to log into the Actifit Mobile App, you grant us access to publish your reports to the blockchain. Posting keys cannot be used to access your funds.
    How do I contact you if my question isn’t answered here?