Rewarding Your Everyday Activity

Actifit: An innovative dapp that rewards your everyday activity!

Using Actifit mobile app on android / iphone allows you to earn token rewards via auto-tracking your everyday activity. Rewards include AFIT tokens - Actifit's own token, but also HIVE, STEEM, and SPORTS token rewards via upvotes on supported blockchains and partner communities.

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Rewarded Activities


Earn tokens as simple as one two three

1. Download the Actifit mobile app.
2. Go for a jog, walk your dog, mow your lawn, go to the gym, move around your office,... with an aim to reach a minimum of 5,000 activity count.
3. Post a report via the app, and get rewarded!

AFIT tokens use cases

AFIT tokens can be exchanged on Actifit Market to signup for fitness or nutrition related consultation sessions, buying ebooks, or boosting your rewards via purchasing actifit based booster gadgets!
On the longer run AFIT tokens are planned to be available for purchasing fitness related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear, gym memberships... and any transactions between service providers and actifiters.

Delegate to earn more rewards

You can earn more AFIT tokens if you are a token holder on Hive and/or Steem blockchain. Delegate Hive Power / Steem Power to Actifit and earn your share of 100,000 AFIT tokens distributed per day to our delegators, as well as a weekly share of the 5% beneficiary reward of actifit posts.

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