Actifit Fitness Tracker

Rewarding Fitness Activity

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Actifit: An innovative dapp that rewards fitness activity!

Built as one of the first Smart Media Tokens on top of the Steem blockchain, with a beta Android app that is released since day 1, Actifit tracks and rewards your activity, and rewards you with Actifit tokens, but also STEEM rewards via upvotes on your steemit posts.

Tokens Distributed


Token Holders


Rewarded Activities


Earn tokens as simple as one two three

Download the app from playstore. Go for a walk, run, do your favorite workout with a min target of 5,000 steps/moves. Post to steemit and get rewarded!

Actifit tokens use cases

Actifit tokens will be available for purchasing fitness related equipment, tools, gadgets, sports wear, gym memberships... and any transactions between providers and actifiters.

As a Steem Smart Media Token, Actifit tokens will have their own valuation per STEEM as well as FIAT currencies, and hence can be cashed out for actual FIAT currency.

Delegate to earn more rewards

You can earn more Actifit tokens if you are a STEEM token holder. Delegate to Actifit and earn 1:1 Actifit per Steem Power delegation, as well as a share of the 5% beneficiary reward of actifit posts.

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